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De Addiction Centre In Patna For Drugs And Alcohol

Drug abuse and alcoholism is a widespread disorder that can affect the way a person lives and join de addiction centre in Patna. It can cause chronic deterioration due to which he may face difficulties on the job and in the family. He may start stealing to get money to buy drugs. The millions of rupees are spent by drug users around the globe. People who have never used drugs may often think about why someone would want to become a drug addict. Well, humans are the most pleasure-seeking species on the earth and we enjoy pieces of stuff that make us happy and comfortable. When someone consumes drugs, their brain stops functioning normally and it begins to release a high amount of dopamine.
The reabsorption of dopamine is blogged by the drugs and may alter the brain’s functioning, causing a sensation of happiness. The brain will begin asking for more every time and the person tends to increase the dosage day by day. Soon, normal things do not seem to make them happy, only the drug does and as time passes the drug becomes their priority. Hence, the people become the victim of drug abuse and alcoholism. Eklavya de-addiction centre is a government approved De-addiction centre in Patna for Drugs which may help your loved ones to get rid of addiction and back to the normal life. They give the patients a series of therapies and counseling sessions to help them to become sober and to manage to live a healthy and normal life. Many people are at risk to develop addiction disorder because they have hereditary links to addiction, high-stress lifestyle, poor mental health, family history of addiction and environmental exposure to drugs.

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A De-addiction centre in Patna help a drug addict to get back the normal life and for that, they follow some steps:


Initially, the professional psychologist will examine the patient both physically and mentally to check if they are suffering from any disease or infection. In a regular counseling session, he will talk to the patient to track his improvement. The number of the session may get reduced as the improvement increases.


Detoxification is a process that cleans up the body from the inside and removes all the toxins that have got accumulated due to the use of drugs. In some cases, detoxing from certain drugs requires medication to enhance the whole process.

After this, some treatments are prescribed by the therapists that are:

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab offers scheduled treatment programs designed to make the patient sober. During this, the person stays in a drug-free facility and receives good medical care and therapeutic support. Inpatient rehab is better for patients who are struggling with chronic addiction.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehabs offer the same sort of therapies and treatments as inpatient rehabs. However, this program allows the patient to stay at home and attend scheduled treatment and counseling regularly. This program is best suited for the person with a mild form of addiction.

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are developed for the people who need additional time to adapt things they had learned in the De-addiction center in Patna. They help people in recovery adapt their new healthy habits while living in a comfortable environment.


Helps the individual to learn how to avoid negative thoughts and behaviors attached to their addiction. And the experts teach them how to become responsible, handling finances, finding a job and how to develop a good relationship with the close ones.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga helps in naturally detoxifying the body. It helps in feeling the body with fresh air which is necessary for proper body functioning and it elevates their mood to a greater level. Meditation helps them attracting positive thoughts and will keep the endocrine glands stable.

Music and Art Therapy

Music and art therapy help them build new skills, elevates their mood and relax them.

Self-Help Groups : Joining a self-help group is the better option because they meet people with the same condition which reduces the feeling of isolation and boosts motivation. Drugs their central nervous system by altering the chemistry of the hormones and chemicals. Drugs may cause the following effect on the body:
Helping your loved one dealing with chronic addiction is not easy. Take them to the De addiction centre in Delhi if you see some following obvious symptoms of addiction in them:
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